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Evidence from coins indicates that although the civilian settlement associated with the fort had declined by the mid-3rd century, a small garrison may have remained at Mamucium into the late 3rd century and early 4th century.

"It's the first Roman stone inscription to be found in Manchester for 150 years and records only the second known Roman from Manchester ... On top of the stone is a shallow bowl which was used for offerings of wine or blood or perhaps to burn incense." There has been discussion by academics whether the "word square", which is carved on a piece of amphora, is actually a Christian artefact, if so, it is one of the earliest examples of Christianity in Britain.

The eastern side, like the Western, is hundred and forty [yards] in length, and for eighty yards from the northern termination, the nearly perpendicular rampart carries a crest of more than two [yards] in height.

It is then lowered to form the great entrance, the Porta Pretoria of the camp: the earth there running in a ridge, and mounting up to the top of the bank, about ten in breadth.

One highway ran east to west between the legionary fortresses of Deva Victrix (Chester) and Eboracum (York) the other ran north to Bremetennacum (Ribchester).

and Condate (Northwich) 18 miles (29 km) to the west.

You might be an aviation professional - someone for whom the daily commute takes you to an airport or airfield, or perhaps you're just someone who looks skyward and feels a draw to the clouds.A shard of late Bronze Age pottery has also been found in situ.Although the area was in the territory of the Celtic tribe Brigantes, it may have been under the control of the Setantii, a sub-tribe of the Brigantes, when the Romans took control from the ancient Britons. Although it was again of turf and timber construction, it was larger than the previous fort, measuring 2 hectares (4.9 acres) to accommodate extra granaries (horrea).Then, rising gradually as the wall falls away, it carries an height of more than three for as many as the south-eastern angle.And the whole of this wall, bears a broken line of thorns above, shews the mortar peeping here and there under the coat of turf, and near the south-eastern corner has a large buttress of earth continued several yards along it.

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