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He is secretly hoping to get into the political career and take down Goldbeard.' Jeff Smith is a pre-made Sim, living by himself in Barnacle Bay.

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[Intro] (Yeah) Oh, shit (woo) I'm like, (ay) uh (shit) [Verse 1] Sometimes I feel like a Polaroid picture Trapped inside space and time, take a sip of my elixir, ay Play "Electric Love" while we riding in the Fisker, ay She fell in love with me, my G, I swear I never kissed her, ay Need me to be free, I don't have time to be a mister, ay Baby, I'll be blunt with you, I won't be smoking swishers I just do a couple dishes, then I wish you Merry Christmas Adios, made that body roll, you scream "geronimo" Blow some kisses to some mistresses, they fall like dominos Dominoes, Dominoes Baby girl, I gotta go I just talked to Billboard Records, they said I'm phenomenal (I'm phenomenal, I'm phenomenal) [Hook] Yeah, my name is George Jefferson The male Maleficent You don't know who you're messing with I ran for president 'Cause our country is in a deficit My only testament is that we keep it so, surreal I'd kill myself to resurrect, hoo (I'd kill myself to resurrect) [Verse 2] You know she know I'm the man I got her number on the Gram I would never understand Kick it with Rich the Kid I just woke up with the bands 30 South and we in France I just woke up, I'm in Cannes Never let 'em have a chance Huh, cheetah prints on the pants Expelliarmus, me and Harry Potter in the Benz Nobody look at my dab, run around skrtin', we mad Louis just gave me a bag, how did he end up with that?

And nobody look at my dab Now I'm runnin' with the RAF Living in and out of cabs, (skrtt) uh "Baby boy what's your name?

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He attributes much of his love for cartooning to Pogo by Walt Kelly.

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