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He established contact with Serbs, Greeks, Ukrainians.He paid special attention to religious education and made it a rule to be present at the oral examinations of the catechism classes in all the Orthodox schools in Shanghai. It is an attainment of such spiritual heights, that the abundance of God's grace which fills the saint overflows on all who associate with him.Great is the saint's state of bliss in which they dwell contemplating the Glory of God.He was known to spend nights on end standing motionless, with lifted arms, deep in prayer. The young Maximovitch was known to have a veneration for this holy hierarch.Today Archbishop John may be seen to resemble the holy man of Kharkov in at least three respects: he was known not to have slept in a bed for forty years; he knew beforehand of his death; and before his glorification in 1994 his relics rested under a cathedral in a special grave-chapel where panikhidas were sung almost daily and the Psalter read over his coffin by those asking for his help.A lady who knew him relates how she met him at this time on a streetcar in Belgrade.

This little, frail man, looking almost like a child, is in actuality a miracle of ascetic firmness and strictness in our time of total spiritual enfeeblement." Vladyka was assigned to the Diocese of Shanghai, China.

He at once became a protector of various charitable and philanthropic societies and actively participated in their work, especially after seeing the needy circumstances in which the majority of his flock, refugees from the Soviet Union, were placed.

He never went visiting for tea to the rich, but he was to be seen wherever there was need, regardless of times and weather.

This is a unique case of the transplanting, as it were, of a part of Holy Russia to contemporary America.

While at Kharkov University, Misha Maximovitch spent more time reading the lives of the saints than attending classes; nonetheless he was an excellent student.

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