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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world.Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.Who could expect dial either their social conditions or their arts should remain unaltered when all the causes which pryduced the Old Jajian of our dredtns have vanished i* Feudalism has gone, isolation has gone, beliefe have been shattered, new idols have been set up, new and pressing needs have arisen.In the place of chivalry there is industrialism, in the place of a small class of aristocratic native connoi.sseurs there is a huge and hugely ignorant foreign public to satia^'.But no one would notice it, and the geticral effect would be improved."— Yet another, an enthusiast for fiiience, wishes Japanese decorative mefhods to be retained, but to be a])plied to French fonns, because no cup or plate made in Japan is so perfectly round as are t Jie products of French kilns.A fourth delights in Jaimnese bracade, but suggests new breadths, in order to suit making up into European dresses.

ipp or bank or public office hastily summoned from our side lo answer the ring of the telephune ix:ll, (he railway replacing the piilanquin, the iron-clad replacing the war-junk, — these and a thousand odier startling changes testify that Japan is i Tansporled ten thousind miles away from her former moorings.

All the causes have changed, and yet it is expected that the elfects will remaia as heretofore ! Old Japan is dead, and the only decent thing to do with the corpse is to bury it.

Then you can set up a mo Dument over it, and, if you liice, come and worship from time to time at the grave; for that would be quite "Japanesey." This unpretentious book is intended to be, as it were, the epi^ph I DITKODl^CTOKV CHAPTER.

— not an encyclopaedia, mind you, not the vain attempt by one man to treat exhaustively of dl things, but only sketches of many things. What will nol be found is padding : for padding is unpardonable in any book on Japan, where the material is so plentiful that the chief difficulty is to know what to omi L In order to etiablc the reader lo supply deficiencies and to form his own opinions, if haply he should be of so unusual a turn of mind as lo desire SO to do.

We have, at the end of almost every article, indicated [he names of trustworthy works bearing on i! For the rest, thb book explains itself Any reader who detects errors or omissions in it will render the author an invaluable service by MTiiing to him to point ihcm out, .^ a liitle cncouragcrnent in this direction, we will oureelvcs lead the way by presuming lo give each reader, especially each globe-trotting reader, a small piece of advice.

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