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I would confront these cheerleader bitches and put them in their place.

I left my law office early, and reached the school a couple minutes after the final bell.

You shouldn't be concerned by a word they say," I suggested, remembering from my own experience that high school could be hell. But the constant teasing and ridicule is exhausting me, and no one stands up for me because they don't want to be targets too," she said, clearly upset. "Well, unfortunately I didn't inherit that trait," she said, looking down at her own, rather flat, chest, which I thought looked lovely on her ultra-slender body. My boobs are much more a burden than a perk." "How? "They're heavy to carry around all day, which is why I have back problems," I said. are you bored with the same thing day in and day out?

She finally summoned the energy to push herself to an upright sitting position. "But all the cheerleaders have big breasts," she said. If you would have asked me fifteen minutes ago I would have said no.

when she even had a smile, which hadn't been often since the beginning of the school year. Even though my pussy was leaking slightly in my panties and this was the most excited I'd been sexually since before David died, I knew I had to end this now.

"Hailey, you know those insults they toss at you are nothing but jealousy. "Yes, I was picked on because my chest developed so early," I said, recalling the girls calling me a slut because I had a huge chest.

She slumped into a chair, fell forward, burying her face into the bag, and began muttering incoherently against the fabric. " I asked, even though it was likely the same as always... " "Said she liked my skirt and told me she was impressed that I put in the effort to wear pantyhose." "That weird," I said, even though I had always promoted wearing hosiery. I, on the other hand, wore only thigh high stockings or a garter-belt and stockings for a couple of reasons: David had had a silk stocking fetish and insisted my cunt always be easily accessible (his words) and I loved the secret rebellion that underneath my conservative business woman attire I was dressed sexy in lacy bras, thongs and thigh high stockings. Hailey was definitely going to a school far from home on a full scholarship. I walked faster, wanting to stop this right here and now. It wasn't until the words were thrown at me that I realized the banality of my job. He fucked my face while holding both pigtails, he then bent me over my desk and pounded my ass while talking dirty to me. Reaching them, I said, trying to be pleasant, managing not to glare at the blonde bitches, "Hi, Hailey, who are your friends? "Well, I'm sure she will consider it," I said, before turning to my daughter and asking, "Are you ready to go? Worried that this conversation was happening at work, as well as with someone I didn't know, I knew I needed to put an end to it. " Hailey just nodded and I turned and walked away even as Megan called out, her tone strange, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Heather." I flinched at the unwelcome familiarity of using my first name, but decided not to make a scene. You live your life for other people, never for yourself.

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