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However, some women, due to reasons of personal nature (involvement in studies or career, high requirements, insecurities, poor communication skills etc.) are unable to find a man to get married.

As they mature, the demographical profile of their age group changes, and women outnumber men, making it difficult for single females to find a partner for a committed relationship.

The whole cultural notion in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is: A woman’s happiness is in her family.

She is not supposed to feel fulfilled making a career or pursuing her creative passions, but only once she is married with children.

Father’s participation in kids’ upbringing is usually limited to paying alimonies and rare visits.

An average life expectancy is only 62 years for Russian males, and 63 years for Ukrainian males.(See Life expectancy by country)Compared to figures from 10 years ago, life expectancy in males decreased in both Russia and Ukraine, and the overall sex ratio imbalances increased.

And even though some may say it means the same, but that’s exactly how it is.”They do.

Russian and Ukrainian girls have relationships and marry local guys every day of the week.

After reaching the age of 25 a single woman becomes rather desperate to get married.

Many girls who hastily jumped into marriage at 18-20, get divorced within 1-5 years, and often left to bring up a child on their own.

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Single women are constantly told by people around them that they should find a husband.

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